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Q&A Links

The importance of relevancy - LBS

Relevant placement
Irrelevant placement

Relevant placement is essential
When searching for a Q&A site to post a link on it’s crucial to find Q&A pages on which talk about things that are relevant to the link’s anchor and landing page. If a link’s landing page is about vintage jewelry and its anchor is “vintage earrings” posting the link on a Q&A page about gardening will be ineffective and possibly even damaging to the landing page.

Irrelevant link placement may lead to one or more of the following:

  1. The Q&A site owner(s) does not allow the answer which contains the link to be published on their site and the search engine never sees it.
  2. The link is published by the Q&A site owner(s) but it is ineffective and does not increase SERP ranking.
  3. The link is published by the Q&A site owner(s) but is viewed by the search engine as link spam and penalized by having the landing page’s SERP ranking significantly lowered.