Become a Certified Link Builder

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It’s agreed throughout the SEO community that link building is the most crucial part of achieving long term,
high ranking SEO success – it’s also considered the most challenging part of an SEO’s job.

Who is it for?


The Link Building School certification program is intended for people
who have little to no link building experience as well as for link building
experts. It’s also a great way to transition into a new career!


If you’re a company trying to increase your online
presence, having an employee earn certification can be
an economical solution to implementing in-house SEO.

Why Become a Certified Link Builder?

  • Having the skills to create the high quality links that are the tipping point between standard and exceptional SEO secures you a reliable, growing and in-demand career.

  • Gives you the edge over people with similar skills and no certification.

  • Will increase your credibility and enable you to get larger projects, take on more responsibilities and earn a higher salary.

Why Link Building School?


Link Building School’s certification is backed by Sorezki Ltd., a leader in the fields of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. With years of experience and an impressive client base, earning Sorezki-backed documentation of your skills can significantly improve your professional persona.

Employment Guarantee

A Link Building School certification automatically secures you a position as a link builder at the highest paying link building company in the industry. Also, documentation of your link building skills can help advance your career and the corporation you work for.