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Q&A Links

About Q&As and Q&A links - LBS

What does Q&A mean?
What’s a Q&A link?

What does Q&A mean?
Q&A literally stands for Question and Answer. A Q&A site is a website dedicated to answering and asking questions. Users register to the site and then either ask a new question or contribute an answer to an existing question. Often times other users can vote on the quality of the answer as well as which answer is “best”- this may move that answer to the top of the answers list. Usually a Q&A site will have a moderator who decides whether or not to publish the question and/or answer on the site. The standard format for Q&A sites is a question at the top of the page and then the answers to that question below it, in chronological order.

What’s a Q&A link?
A Q&A link is placed in the answer to a posted question.
In order for a Q&A link to be effective and positively impact the rankings of the link’s landing page, there are a few important things which must take place:

  1. The question’s content must be relevant to the link
  2. There must be no negative content on the page
  3. There must be no other answers with the same link
  4. The answer must be detailed, unique and relevant