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Q&A Links

Finding a relevant Q&A site - LBS

Tip: Use Google Chrome as your default browser when searching for link placements. Go here to download Google Chrome for free.
Before searching for a relevant Q&A site, logout of your Gmail and/or Facebook account so that the search results you receive will not be influenced by your personal details.
To find relevant Q&A site placement for links in English, perform a Google query using the following search commands:

  • "Answer Questions or Ask a Question" -site:qhub.com +"term"
  • "©2010 Answers All right reserved"+"by WP-Answers." -site:wp-answers.com +intitle:"TERM"
  • +"powered by Answerbase" +"TERM"
  • +"powered by OSQA" +site:*/questions/ +"TERM"
  • "Powered by Question2Answer" +"asked * ago by" -site:question2answer.org +"TERM"
  • site:shapado.com/questions/ +"TERM"