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Tutorial 5

Forum Links

Selecting the search term - LBS

“Term” represents the word that will be used to focus the search for a forum which relates to the
anchor. Selecting a useful search term is an important step in creating an effective link. For instance,
if the anchor is “vintage earrings” there may not be enough forum threads which specifically discuss vintage
earrings. Therefore, it will be beneficial to search using a term that is a bit broader but still relevant
to the anchor. For example: vintage jewelry, retro jewelry, costume jewelry, special jewelry, unique
jewelry, one of a kind jewelry etc. Using the terms jewelry or earrings on their own will make the
search too broad and reduce relevancy and effectiveness.

A great way to make a search more targeted and effective is by using Google operators.

When searching for a relevant forum to place a link on, it is helpful to open each search result in the
SERP in a different tab (instead of clicking to open each one).
Hold the Ctrl key while clicking the left mouse key over each of the first 10 results in the SERP.
Make sure the results you are opening are from unique forums and not different threads from the
same forum.