Useful Google Operators





Keywords are separated by spaces

Narrows search

results by ensuring all

keywords typed appear, not necessarily in the same order or next to one another


Search: eye pencil

Will return pages containing these two keywords, not necessarily adjacently nor in the same order


Searches for all terms which describe a specific subject to get a result which includes one of the terms

Search: makeup OR fashion OR event

Each result in the SERP will include at least one of the three terms

“   ”


Searches for that exact combination of keywords, in that order and proximity

Search: “eye pencil”

Will return pages containing that exact phrase


Searches for a set of terms while excluding terms that are undesirable and appear after the minus sign

Search:makeup –casino

(must be a space before the – sign) Will return pages that talk about makeup but that don’t mention the word casino


Searches for a set of terms, all the terms will appear in each search result

Search: “bridal makeup” + recommendation

Will return results which have the keyword combination bridal makeup along with the word recommendation


Searches for keywords which are similar to or synonyms of the term

Search: -bridal makeup

Will return search results with the synonym wedding makeup in bold


Search: ~makeup –bridal

Will return search results with the synonyms Makeover, Beauty and Fashion in bold, while excluding any pages content related to the word bridal


Used to search for missing words in phrases if we’ve forgotten part of the phrase

Search: Search Engine *

Will return results with the words Search Engine and a third term which is usually found together with the other two terms. The amount of missing words returned in the search equals the amount of stars used and their location

Additional operators: