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Tutorial 5

Forum Links

Creating the link – writing the forum comment - LBS

As previously noted, forums require registration. For your username, use American/ British names

  • After registering, you will be prompted to verify your registration by clicking on the link sent
    to the email address you registered with. Please notice: sometimes the mail will reach your
    spam folder (check for it there if you don’t receive it).
  • Immediately after registering and creating a user, you must edit and add to the user profile.
    Add a photo (can be any image- an avatar, an animal, but not of you!), date of birth, and a
    short biography.
  • Most importantly, you must edit the profile to include a “signature” which is relevant to the
    project (to be explained further)

Comment Content
A comment should be neither too long nor too short- it should be around 3-4 sentences long and
should be well written and easy to understand. Additionally, a comment should be related to the
forum thread and express an opinion or personal experience relevant to the post. Do not sound as if
you are trying to “sell” the client- don’t mention the client’s name (other than in the link’s anchor or
landing page, of course). Writing an interesting, content filled and detailed comment will strengthen
the credibility of your link and the chance that the moderator will approve it.

All of the account details you’ve entered- username, email, password, etc.- should be saved in an
excel file or as a Google Document so that you can easily have access to the information in the