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The importance of PageRank - LBS

Blog comment link’s SEO efficacy is heavily influenced by the PageRank of the link’s placement location. As you may recall from the first tutorial, PageRank (PR) is an algorithm calculated by Google which ranks a webpage from 0-10 (10 being the highest) based on the strength of the page’s backlink profile and other known and unknown factors. The higher the PageRank of the blog on which you build a link, the more link juice it will pass to the URL (considering all other factors are strong as well).

Identifying PageRank
It’s always helpful to know the exact PageRank of the page on which you are building a link. Sorezki’s SEO Plus is a free Google Chrome extension which you can use to identify a page’s PR. To use the tool, download SEO Plus and install it on your computer. After installation, you should see Sorezki’s butterfly icon in the upper right side of your browser. To use the PR feature make sure you are logged out of any Google related accounts (gmail, Google Plus, etc.). Next, go to Google search and select the Settings icon. Under “Search Settings” select “Never show instant results.” Now perform a regular search in Google. You should see the butterfly icon next to each SERP result. On the left side click “Start PR Scan”- the number which will appear in each butterfly is the displayed page’s PageRank. To stop the PR scan simply select “Stop PR Scan.” Using the “Sort” button you can organize the pages by ascending (lowest to highest) or descending (highest to lowest) PageRank.

Please note: A PR value of NA means the page has no PageRank and has most likely not been indexed by Google.