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Answering the question and creating the link - LBS

Answer Content
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Answer Content
Now that you’ve found placement and created a user for the specific Q&A platform, you’re ready to create your link in the answer.
An answer should be neither too long nor too short- it should be around 3 lines. Additionally, it should be related to the Q&A page and express an opinion or personal experience relevant to the question. Writing an interesting, content filled and detailed answer will strengthen the credibility of your link and the chance that the moderator will approve it.
In qhub.com sites, write your answer in the answer window with the anchor text included as a logical part of the answer. Next, highlight the anchor text and click on Advanced Formatting. Select Insert Link and then enter the landing page’s URL- now the anchor text is hyperlinked!
In WP-Answers sites the link needs to be added manually in HTML form. To do so, write your answer in the answer window with the anchor text included as a logical part of the answer. However, when entering the anchor text, use the following HTML code:

<a href="URL">ANCHOR</a>
URL will be the URL of the landing page while ANCHOR is your anchor text. For instance, a sentence which says “I love puppies!” with the word “puppies” linking to www.dailypuppy.com will appear as:
I love<a href=www.dailypuppy.com>puppies</a>!

Generic Answers
For every question you answer in which you place an SEO link, you should answer two additional (but different) questions, preferably about a related subject. These answers will not have a link in them and are intended to boost the credibility of your user in the Q&A community which increases the chances of your answer becoming published.

General Tips:

  • If this was your own Q&A site try and write a comment which you yourself would not delete and would be happy to have on your Q&A site.
  • Never mention a client’s name or company name in your comment.
  • It’s recommended to keep an organized list of the site’s you’ve signed up at, the email address you used, the username and password (for each site). This makes it easier to access each site in the future and will help you maintain an active Q&A profile.

Save all the details of the account- email, username, password etc. in an Excel or Google Docs file.