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Directory Listings

Creating the link (directory listing) - LBS

After you’ve found a good quality directory, you will need to register there to be able to submit your site. It’s recommended to keep an organized list of the site’s you’ve signed up at, the email address you used, the username and any other information which you may need to access each directory site in the future. The site will ask you to select a category and possibly subcategory for your listing- try and find the category most strongly relates to your project. The listing’s title is your anchor while the listing itself (the URL) is the landing page. You will also be required to enter a description for the listing. In the description write a short description of the site- you may want to write the description in a marketing oriented way to get the added value of someone clicking on the link.

Web directories, especially those mediated by humans, are often difficult to get listed on which is why it’s a good idea to submit your site to a few different directories simultaneously and increase your chances of getting listed.

High quality directories that are free include

Some sites which have an index of web directories:

Be Careful!
Some sites will give you the option of connecting via Facebook- you should never connect between your links and your profile or the profile of the company using your SEO services.