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Directory Listings

How to distinguish a good directory from a spammy one - LBS

Specificity – Some directories are designated for specific fields of interests such as arts and crafts or gardening sites, yet most directories are made up of many categories and subcategories and hundreds of listings (websites). The more specific a directory and the better its categorization, the higher the chance that it is of good quality and that your link will be more effective.

Purpose – Does this look like a site which was built for humans? If it seems that the site is running for SEO purposes only it probably isn’t a great place to submit your listing. A way to gauge this is to see who owns/ runs the site and if they are connected to any sites about SEO, linking, blogging, etc.

Trustworthiness and Selectivity – Would you use a listing from the site? Does it seem like the site has quality standards when accepting a listing or can anyone be listed? Basically, trustworthiness calls into question the other sites that appear in the directory. Are the sites listed trustworthy? Are there sites which offer gambling, casinos, pornography, escort services, pharmaceuticals or other questionable goods and services? If the directory includes sites such as these it most likely does not have any entry qualifications and it is advisable to search for a site with higher quality standards so that the listing will not have a negative effect.

PageRank – The higher the directory’s PageRank the greater the effect that the link will have. Recall that PageRank also takes into consideration the variables discussed above.