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About blogs and blog comment links - LBS

What’s a blog?
What’s a blog comment link?

What’s a blog?
Blogs can be thought of as online diaries where the blog owner (also called the moderator) writes entries, or blog posts. Blogs are usually centered around a specific subject with personal significance to the blog owner or they function as personal diaries. Most blogs are public and can be read by anyone.

What’s a blog comment link?
In addition to reading blog entries a visitor can also leave comments on that entry or post. A blog comment link will be placed in a precise location in the blog comment (to be explained). In order for a blog comment to pass link juice and positively impact the rankings of the link’s landing page, there are a few important things which must take place:

  1. The blog’s content must be relevant to the link
  2. There must be no negative content in the blog post
  3. There must be no other comments with the same link
  4. The blog comment content must be detailed and unique

Let’s explore each of these factors in depth.