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The Basics

Link Baiting - LBS

Link baiting is a white hat SEO technique which involves creating web content or a web feature (a “hook”) for the purpose of “baiting” users to link and share that content. Link bait must grab attention in some way- good link bait is often irresistible and goes viral naturally. Link bait can come in different mediums including: videos, images, info-graphics, articles, blog posts, apps, tools and widgets as long as a link can be generated for viewing. Link bait content can range from humorous, informational, newsworthy to shocking and evil (mean or unpopular opinion) – anything that will catch people’s attention and elicit a response. Link bait is one of the most effective types of linking because it is absolutely organic and generates a large volume of inbound links, each which acts as proof of the link source’s (domain) popularity thus increasing the SERP ranking.