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What is a social bookmark? - LBS

You may recall the “bookmark” or “favorites” feature on your browser which allows you to add a website (URL) to a list so you can easily access it again later. That list is stored privately, on your computer and can only be seen by you (or someone who has access to your computer). Like a bookmark on your computer or one placed in a book, a social bookmark references a site’s URL location so that it can be returned to at a later time. However, a social bookmark is a way of saving and cataloging web pages in a public location, on the web. Social bookmarks can be viewed by other people registered on the bookmarking site and can also be tagged and categorized. The bookmarks are designated as “social” because they are saved in a public location available for sharing and recommending to others. Also, because the bookmarks have anchor text and are shared and stored publicly, they are scanned by search engine crawlers and have SEO value. Social bookmarking is a white hat SEO technique.