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Tutorial 3

Social Bookmark Links

Important Tips - LBS

  • Bookmark sites require registration using an active email address that you must be able to access before you can begin linking.
  • It’s recommended to keep an organized list of the site’s you’ve signed up at, the email address you used, the username and password (for each site). This makes it easier to access each site in the future and will help you maintain an active bookmark profile.
  • Bookmarking sites have a keen eye for link spam and do everything they can to avoid it. If you create many bookmarks for SEO purposes on the same site and from the same geographical location, the site may blacklist your domain. If your domain is blacklisted it means you will never be able to create a bookmark related to that domain on that specific bookmarking site. The sites are also sensitive to proxy or anonymous servers. To prevent blacklisting, in each bookmarking site don’t distribute more than 3 or 4 links that relate to the same campaign.

Save all the details of the account- email, username, password etc. in an Excel or Google Docs file. 

General Remarks
After registering, check to see if the site allows for a user profile. If so, add an image (not of yourself), date of birth and place of residence and any other details to the profile. Creating a detailed profile greatly increases the integrity of your user and your bookmark.

Be Careful!
Some sites will give you the option of connecting via Facebook- you should never connect between your links and your profile or the profile of the company using your SEO services.