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How do links influence the internet? - LBS

Links are an effective way to increase awareness of webpages and also for different webpages to connect with one another. By analyzing links search engines get a good idea of which pages are related, how they are related and which pages are important or popular. For search engines, links are a way to draw a detailed map of the internet including: good and bad areas of the internet, which pages are most popular, which pages have shared or similar content and which pages are most and least desired.

Here’s the basic premise: A link is viewed by search engines as a vote of popularity and importance. When search engines see that a website has many backlinks (many votes) it indicates to them that the page is popular or important and they consider it to be more relevant than a page with little or no backlinks when returning results for a search query.

Very simply put, by creating backlinks for a webpage, an SEO can significantly increase that page’s SERP rankings. Yet, (we warned you!) it isn’t as simple as building lots of links. There are many important factors that need to be considered when using link building as an SEO method.